Sunday, October 31, 2010

Compassion International, Bev & Doug Robinson's testimony for it

About 11 years ago my husband and I decided to support a
young boy in Ethiopia. We contacted this boy by going thru
Compassion International. Our young boy’s name is Beruk. He
was 8 years old when we started supporting him and his Christian
schooling. Over the years we have watched this young immature
boy grow into a young man of 19 years who shares with us his
love of Jesus Christ and is extremely thankful that he has been
allowed to grow up in a school and environment that is so much
better than what he would have had had he not been supported
by Compassion International.
He has one brother and one sister and parents also. In
Beruks’ country and town many parents cannot support their
families because there are no jobs, generation after generation
and many become alcoholics. We receive letters letting us know
what Beruk has spent the money we send to him. Once it was a
goat, once a flock of chickens, and a roof for his family’s home,
clothes, blankets and all this for very small financial gifts.
Beruk and I have corresponded for many years and I pray
for him and his family and he prays for our family. It was
especially comforting to know that last year when I was sick that
Beruk and his family were praying for me in Ethiopia. God has
blessed us with a correspondence with believers on the other side
of the world how great is that?
I believe that it is important to support with prayer and with
financial resources organizations that reach out to the unreached
people of our world and share the gospel with them. Supporting a
child where the main focus is salvation is important.
I encourage anyone to find way to expand your giving to the
world outside your small corner. Foreign missions and
Compassion International whose focus is sharing Christ’s gospel
is our passion, I challenge you if you have not chosen to reach out
to the unreached areas of the world to share Christ, please
petition God for an answer, listen to God’s answer and then obey
and you will be greatly blessed. I know we have.

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